About Agency


About Agency


Who We Are ?

Clic 4 Tours LLC, hosted by Cruises & Tours Unlimited is independently owned and operated. We provide the best destinations packages around the world to fit your budget. Clic 4 Tours is a Full Service Tourism Company with an online presence, specialized in the following areas:

  • Honeymoon and Destination Wedding Specialist
  • Events and Holiday Specialist Around the World
  • Tour Packages and Customized Packages
  • Fundraising Travel Programs
  • Caribbean and Latin American Market
  • American and Canadian Market
  • European Market
  • Cruise Vacation Packages
  • Group & Family Travel
  • Business Travel
  • International Travel Insurance

We aspire to give our customers exceptional service with a chance to experience their dreams. We take care of our customers from point of contact until you return home.

Why Choose Us ?

You can find your destination with our best matching results. We serve as travel consultants ready to answers your questions. All our services are complete and come in a package. We’ll be there to assess your vacation planning every step, revising your itinerary accordingly.

We are innovative to new destinations and experiences for your convenience, highlighting its best qualities. Most important is to satisfy our customers, to fulfill their dreams.

All our services are made according to your needs and budget, we have a large inventory of worldwide destinations.


To become the leading tourism company, providing premier services and innovative options beyond our competition to all our customers. To serve and to  inform travelers with the best service in the tourism industry, guiding them to the unknown and disappearing destinations.


To be the next major company in the tourism industry starting a new wave of promotion and service, showing a better image of destinations for travelers to experience. Being in touch with nature, participating with local communities and learning from the world.